Licensing Overview for Microsoft Power Virtual Agent


Power Virtual Agents provide the no-code graphical interface to easily create powerful bots using the guideline without developers or data scientists. The integration of bots is easy with hundreds of apps and services using the existing connectors. It gives us the capability to create custom workflows using Power Automate and enable bots to act on their response They also use the AI and data-driven insight available for easy-to-read dashboards to monitor and continuously improve bot performance.


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Usage of Power Virtual Agent for the customers is to publish the bots to engage the customers on multiple platforms or channels. They can be websites, mobile apps, and Teams as well. 

There are few benefits that I would like to mention here: 

  1. It eliminates the gap between subject matter experts and the development teams building the bots. 
  2. Reduce the effort to implement the complex conversation structure with multiple AI methodologies provided by Microsoft. 
  3. One of the significant benefits is the time/effort that reduces considerably for creating and then deploying the custom conversation solution/bot. 
  4. Power Virtual Agent allows customers to quickly build bots themselves without intermediaries or coding or an AI expert. 
  5. Also, reduce the cost as we can implement the common inquiries and free a human resource to deal with complex issues. 
  6. Availability of Power Virtual Agent is not an issue as it can operate 24/7 without any breaks and can resolve most of the simple inquiries. 

Licensing Overview:  

Power Virtual Agents are licensed per tenant. They are charged according to the unit of the billed session. Billed session is instantiated when a user starts conversing on  a topic with the bot. Conversation limit for the session is 60 minutes or 100 turns i.e., when a user asks a question and the  bot responds. 

Power Virtual Agent User License is needed for every user to author bot with Power Virtual Agents. The license can be assigned to the user from the administrator's admin portal at no additional cost. Microsoft recommends acquiring the tenant license and user licenses as a single transaction to simplify the onboarding of Power Virtual Agent. 

Power Virtual Agent User License

Power Virtual Agent's capacity is enforced monthly, and unused sessions are not carried over to the next month. Customers exceeding the capacity should adjust their quantity as per standard Microsoft terms to comply. 

 Comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and alerting mechanisms manage the Power Virtual Agent capacity to facilitate customers 

Power Virtual Agents for Teams gives customers with selected Office 365 licenses to build and deploy their custom chatbots directly within teams utilizing the Dataverse for Teams. 

Summary of Power Virtual Agents rights for Team included with Office 365 Licenses. 

Power Virtual Agents rights for Team included with Office 365 Licenses

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In this blog, we went through the overview for the Power Virtual Agents and some Licensing plans that can be used for them.