New Microsoft Power Platform Features: 2024 Release Wave 1


It is that time of year again! Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 is out. The release plan covers new Power Platform features 2024 launching from April 2024 through September 2024. The benefits of Microsoft Power Platform and its updates are profound for decision-makers and C-suite. This release clearly represents Microsoft’s dedication to creating apps that contribute to positive user experience by dismantling barriers across data, and insights. Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 introduces multiple features and capabilities upgrades across various business applications under the Power Platform umbrella.  

Thus, this article highlights the potential modifications that will be made in Power Platform apps and how they can transform your business operations. Whether you are on the fence about implementing and integrating Microsoft Power Platform within your existing tech stack or a long-time user looking for the latest updates to maximize ROI (Return On Investment) – this blog is for you.  

Microsoft Power Platform: Overview

Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive suite of business solutions, encompassing Power BI, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, Power Automate, and Microsoft Copilot Studio. It also includes the AI Builder add-in. Microsoft’s Power Platform shines as a star product due to its ability to empower users to build custom apps, automate workflows, and gain data insights- all within the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

Understanding New Power Platform Features 2024

Giving you some pre-text, a release wave is Microsoft’s biannual update schedule, meticulously planned to roll out new features and enhancements. These updates are incremental improvements and significant leaps forward, empowering users with advanced features for application development, data analysis, and business process automation.

The 2024 release wave 1 release contains plenty of  updates across Power Platform applications from Power BI to Microsoft Dataverse.

A significant update in this Wave Release was the move of Power BI and Data Factory  to Microsoft Fabric. The Power BI shift to Microsoft Fabric means a strategic advantage for decision-makers. Power BI’s AI-powered analytics capabilities will enable leaders and their teams to make well-informed decisions as this transition extends. Moreover, Power BI will democratize data insights, which means employees at every level can process information needed to make decisions without depending on data specialists.

Another major highlight of Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 is Data Integration to Data Factory. It will broaden connectivity options, which is critical for business leaders. Organizations can now expect even more comprehensive integration capabilities, including a richer library of data transformations and real-time data replication for analytics in the data lake. It does not just end here. I have panned out some prominent Power Platform updates that no business owner or executive should miss.

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Breakdown of New Power Platform Features 2024

Now that you have gotten the gist about Power Platform and the expected updates in 2024, here are the key updates that will be made across its suite of applications, including Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, and Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Power Apps:

Power Apps is a collection of apps, connectors, and services that offer a development environment to build custom apps. For Power Apps, the focus is on integrating Copilot, which will accelerate app development with AI and natural language. This will also enhance user and data insights in custom apps. Microsoft’s product team is simplifying the creation of modern apps through responsive layouts, contemporary controls, and collaboration features. Moreover, they are also enhancing enterprise-scale development, enabling developers and admins to scale apps across the organization with advanced guardrails and quality assurance tools.

For more insights on the capabilities being delivered during this release wave for Power Apps, check out the Release Planner.

Power Pages:

Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade platform for creating and hosting external-facing websites. According to Microsoft’s 2024 release plan for Power Pages, Copilot will now support every step of site building to create intelligent websites – design, page layouts, content editing, data binding, learning, chatbot, accessibility checking, and securing the site. Users can connect to data anywhere with the OOB control library and secure the website with more insights at their fingertips.

To discover the transformative potential of Power Pages for your organization, read a detailed resource on Understanding Power Pages: Microsoft’s Portal Technology. Dive in, explore, and let Power Pages revolutionize your digital strategy.

Power Automate:

Power Automate is a service offered under the umbrella of Power Platform. It enables users to create automated workflows across their favorite apps. With the Power Platform 2024 release wave 1, Power Automate will bring Copilot capabilities across cloud flows, desktop flows, and process mining. This will allow clients to use natural language to discover optimization opportunities, build automations, and quickly troubleshoot any issues. Maintenance is made easier for enterprise-scale solutions with improved notifications on product capabilities.

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Microsoft Copilot Studio:

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a power platform tool planned to bring native capabilities to UAE, Germany, Norway, Korea, South America, and South Africa. According to the release plan, Microsoft is also introducing rich capabilities to integrate with OpenAI GPTs, along with new channels such as WhatsApp and software lifecycle capabilities such as topic-level import/export and RBAC.

AI Builder:

AI Builder is investing in three key areas: Prompt Builder for GPT prompts, Intelligent Document Processing with new features and models, and AI Governance improvements, including enhanced capacity management and data policies. These initiatives aim to empower users with advanced Generative AI, streamline document processing, and strengthen governance across AI models within Power Apps.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform 2024 Release Wave for Businesses

The Microsoft Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 heralds a suite of updates and new features that significantly benefit both new and existing users. To give you a clear picture, here is a rundown of specific benefits this release wave brings to the table:

Benefit Productivity Impact Ease of Use Innovation Potential

Enhanced Data Integration

Streamlines processes by aggregating data from multiple sources, reducing manual data entry.
Simplified interfaces for connecting and managing data sources.
Enables new insights and business models by combining previously siloed data.

Improved User Experience with Power Apps

Accelerates app development and deployment, making solutions available faster.
Intuitive design tools and templates reduce the learning curve for new users.
Empower users to solve unique business problems with custom applications.

Advanced AI Capabilities

Automates complex decision-making processes, saving time and resources.

AI models and cognitive services are more accessible to non-technical users.

Facilitates predictive analytics, opening new avenues for objective decision-making.

Scalable Solutions for Business Growth

Supports business expansion with tools that grow with your needs without added complexity.

Platforms adapt to increased demand without requiring significant additional configuration.

Enables businesses to rapidly adapt and expand their digital capabilities in line with growth strategies.

Real-time Analytics and Insights with Power BI

Enhances decision-making with up-to-the-minute data insights.

User-friendly reports and dashboards that can be easily acted upon.

Supports a culture of continuous improvement and agility by enabling immediate responses to market and operational changes.

AlphaBOLD: Here to Navigate You Through New Power Platform Features 2024

Executives and leaders need to brace the transformative changes brought forth openly to make a stand in this densely saturated business environment. Whether you seek a comprehensive business solution or an existing Power Platform user looking to leverage the latest enhancements, Power Platform release wave 2024 offers many features designed to empower decision-makers and businesses alike.

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We clearly understand that no two organizations are the same; hence, we are big on customized solutions that fit the business scope. Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of your specific challenges and goals, regardless of your position as a new or existing user. We make sure to align Power Platform’s capabilities with your business strategy.

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As Microsoft unveils its 2024 release plan for Power Platform, possibilities for businesses are endless. With its focus on AI capabilities, automation, app development, and Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 promises to change how organizations innovate, operate, and interact with data. AlphaBOLD ensures that your journey through these updates is seamless, insightful, and fully aligned with your business ethos.

Experience the AlphaBOLD edge! We are here to ensure your business seamlessly adapts and thrives to change. Request a personalized demo and take your first step towards a limitless tomorrow.

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