Webinar: Streamline Your Business with Microsoft’s Power Eco System! 


We are back again with a summary of another successful webinar. In this webinar blog, we will discuss how you can streamline your business using Microsoft’s Power Platform and SharePoint! Our webinar titled “Streamline Your Business with Microsoft’s Power Eco System!” explored the most common questions that we regularly ran into while working with business data: 

  • How much does it cost to build custom solutions?    
  • How do you build customizable apps without coding?   
  • How can we automate and secure workflows quickly?   
  • How can we reduce the need for custom coding?   
  • How can we find a solution that works on all devices?   

The answer is, of course, to integrate the Power Platform with SharePoint! This dynamic coupling allows users to create solutions that solve workflow and process challenges faster. In this webinar, we showed our audience how these technologies work together, making measuring business success easy, acting on the results, and automating process workflows. 

Watch The Complete Recording Of Our Webinar.

However, if recordings are too long and tedious for you, just read ahead, and we will walk you through the entire webinar. Our presenters, Robert Wenstrand and Nick Craig, gave our audience a detailed overview of the Power-Eco System and demonstrated how this fantastic platform, along with Microsoft SharePoint, can solve business challenges. Let’s begin!  

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What Is The Power Platform? 

The platform is essentially a grouped product offering that helps Microsoft’s clients build complex business solutions, draw and dissect data visualizations, build virtual agents, and automate business processes. The products offered are simple GUIs. This allows them to be easily created by business users since no advanced coding knowledge is required. 

The Microsoft Power Platform Includes: 

This image shows Microsoft Power Platform

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What Is Microsoft SharePoint? 

SharePoint is perhaps the best web-based document management and collaborative solution out there. However, it offers its clients much more than that. This platform is highly configurable and has multiple uses. It can help you share, manage, store, and access data safely, securely, and on numerous devices. The list goes on.

this image shows Microsoft SharePoint platform

Why Choose Microsoft’s Power Eco-System And SharePoint? 

In this world of unprecedented change, every business needs to optimize its data infrastructure. Microsoft’s Power eco-system is designed to enhance the company’s underlying practices and push it to achieve greater efficiency in the business world. By adding SharePoint to the Power Platform, businesses can achieve success and profitability quickly. The Microsoft Power eco-system and SharePoint help companies augment growth with:  

  • Reduced time to market.  
  • Budget-friendly custom solutions.  
  • Specialized team and experts.   
  • Access to citizen developers.  
  • Integration with other systems.   
  • Complete management and governance.   
  • Ability to work on all devices.  

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What Did Our Attendees Learn with our Exploration of Microsoft's Power Eco System? 

Our experts helped our attendees understand how they can reduce their development costs and enhance process efficiency with the Power Platform. We discussed how they could build apps that easily connect to data that typically take months to make in a matter of hours! We investigated how they can use Excel-like expressions to add logic and how they can set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services.  

  • Two separate design paradigms within the Power Apps platform!  
  • How Power Automate ties your disparate applications together.
  • How Power BI leverages data from disparate, disconnected systems to display rich visuals to help you make critical business decisions.
  • How can you tie all the individual components into a single unified system?  
  • How to build reusable models and provide consistency in reporting.
  • How to create user-defined workflows and robotic process automation.

Microsoft’s Power Eco System Webinar Polls:

As always, our webinars are interactive! We asked our attendees to answer a few questions, and here are the results!

this image shows Webinar Polls
This image shows webinar poll

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Microsoft’s Power Eco System helps companies gain and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world by using state-of-the-art Microsoft Technologies like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Integrating the Power Platform with SharePoint enables companies to achieve digital transformation. The Power Platform provides extra functionality and improves your work with your business data stored in SharePoint. If you would like to know more about how you can transform your work and streamline operations with the Power Platform and SharePoint, contact us today!

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