The Modern Enterprise – Learn how you can use Teams, Office 365, & SharePoint to increase collaboration and reduce complexity

We are back with another exciting catch-up webinar blog! In case you happened to miss it, we can assure you that our most recent webinar titled, “Increase collaboration and reduce complexity with Teams, Office 365 & SharePoint” was a super success! We know life can get in the way sometimes and you may have wanted to attend but did not get the chance! Well, we have written this blog just for that reason, no chance of FOMO because AlphaBOLD has got your back! If you would like to skip straight ahead to watch the webinar you can click the link below. Or you can keep reading to learn more about the SharePoint services, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams tools that our webinar looks at. 


Link to webinar

Our Presenters 

Our two presenters were Tayyab Ali, the Vice President of AlphaBOLD, with 15 years of experience in consulting, along with Judd Halenza, AlphaBOLD’s Client Engagement Manager, with 10 years of Cloud Sales experience. Together they were to engage in a compelling demonstration on why modern intranet has become an essential tool for any organization’s digital transformation. They present to you how using Microsoft Cloud can help to increase collaboration and reduce complexity within your organization. 

More On SharePoint Support Services, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams 

Our webinar introduces you to three of Microsoft’s collaboration tools: Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and SharePoint. Our presenters explain why these tools have become essential for organizations in the current business climate, especially as more and more businesses have chosen to move their workforce from onsite to remote working. With remote work force now becoming a norm, communication and collaboration are bigger issues than ever before. Microsoft is always ahead of the curve, which is why it has given you the three perfect tools to help you increase collaboration and reduce complexity within your organization. We look at these three tools in more detail and how they can help you achieve this in our webinar. Check out our webinar to learn more about what these tools can offer you such as SharePoint support services. 

Some Interesting Statistics for You 

During our webinar, we looked at a few statistics that may interest you! Take a look below:

  • It was estimated that by this year, 2021, 60% of SMBs worldwide would have a mobile worker support in place (IDC, 2018). The numbers for the United States were in fact much higher, and it is important to keep in mind that this study took place prior to COVID-19, so the numbers would increase. 
  • On average, 52% of the global workforce works from home at least once per week (Owl Labs Survey, March 2019). Again, it is important to note that this statistic is prior to COVID-19 so the number has seen a drastic change since this study was conducted. 
  • 6x as many small businesses agree that dynamics team structures will become the norm (Upwork, 2018). It is safe to say that this projection was fast tracked by COVID-19. With the way the world has changed in just a year, it is safe to say that embracing these Microsoft tools has become more important than ever before.  

Challenges Looked Over in the Webinar 

So, what else does our webinar cover? We will look at some of the familiar challenges that Microsoft Cloud addresses such as:  

  • Streamline communication and improve productivity. 
  • Improve work collaboration – within and across teams. 
  • Store and secure critical documents 
  • Handle multimedia files 
  • Improve as a company – with better analytics. 
  • Automate document workflows. 


If what we have told you so far has been of interest to you, it may be time for you to head on over to watch our webinar! The webinar will allow you to learn more about our modern intranet solutions. However, if you are ready to move on to the next step, click here for a free consultation!