Top 5 Critical Manufacturing ERP Features – Webinar Blog

We are back with another blog that recaps the contents of one of our most successful webinars. This time around, our Sales Manager, Nick Craig, was joined by our NetSuite Practice Manager, Ilija Budimir, to present key NetSuite ERP manufacturing features crucial to the manufacturing organization’s operations.​

As always, we also have recorded our webinar for those of you who were unable to attend or want to re-watch it to pick up on details. If that’s you, then click on the button below to watch the video!

But if watching videos is not your thing, then you can simply read this information-packed blog to learn what we covered in our webinar and how it can help you overcome your manufacturing ordeals.

What was this webinar all about?

Having worked with countless manufacturers, we know how hard it is for them to navigate through a constantly changing economy. The webinar sought to help manufacturers find success in today’s economic landscape by exploring the top 5 features that can help them improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and increase their overall productivity. Our webinar discusses how NetSuite’s ERP can help manufacturers overcome the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming and manual reporting
  • Unnecessary delays in marketing of new products
  • Order processing inefficiency
  • Increased support and operational costs
  • Long and complicated financial close process

What did we discuss?

In our webinar, we discussed the common challenges manufacturers face in 2021 regarding their operational and financial processes and how NetSuite ERP can help overcome them. We then discussed the top 5 features that manufacturers must have to survive and thrive in the current economic landscape. These features are:

  1. Production Planning & MRP​​
  2. Lot Control / Tracking​​
  3. Mobile Access – WMS​​
  4. Mobile Access – Quality Control​​
  5. Reporting​​

We discussed each feature in great detail and gave our attendees firsthand demonstrations of how these features can positively impact their operational processes. We also examined quality control features, supply chain enhancement opportunities, and robust reporting capabilities offered by NetSuite ERP for our attendees. This was all topped up with a question-answer session that allowed us to take questions from the audience and answer their queries on the spot!

So, what did our attendees learn about NetSuite ERP?

Our webinar emphasized using a good enterprise and business management system that can help manufacturers scale while optimizing their operational efficiency. We discussed how NetSuite is the right choice for growing manufacturers as it helps streamline processes and provides them with much-needed visibility! Our webinar helped our attendees answer the following questions:

  • How to manage production planning?
  • How to improve lot tracking in a modern all-in-one system?
  • How to benefit from mobile access and WMS?
  • How to apply quality control to your day-to-day production processes?
  • How to utilize NetSuite’s advanced reporting features?

Webinar Polls

We asked a few questions from our audience during the webinar to determine where they stand regarding existing ERP system and reporting capability. Here is what our attendees had to say:

Webinar Polls


In this fast-moving and risky business environment, it is challenging for organizations to stay on top and continue their growth. This is nowhere as evident as in the manufacturing sector, where innovation is the only way to get ahead of your competition. Therefore, manufacturers must focus on these 5 top features to always ensure peak efficiency. Together with AlphaBOLD and NetSuite, manufacturers can be at the forefront of their industry. Contact us today to find out more!