Unified Service Desk – Surface your apps inside of a single application

Unified Service Desk provides the ability to integrate different apps under one place to provide customer service representatives with all the necessary tools for an efficient, and productive work environment to service customers.  

With the Unified Service Desk application, agents can have access to all of their apps in one place and navigate between them. Additionally, they can also pass relevant information or parameters to an integrated application. 

For example, during an interaction with a customer, an agent might need to find information on google, open the company’s website to find relevant information, and then login to a telephony agent session. They would then open relevant information (based upon info pulled from the customer’s CRM record) from a different integrated application such as an ERP application like NetSuite or Business Central. At the end of the day, they may end up having several disparate applications cluttering their screen and making it cumbersome to work with. 

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Let’s compare two different ways of working with the same data. In the first example we will show how a task is accomplished traditionally using just a web browser. In the second example, we will use USD to combine the operations into a single user interface. 

From a browser: 

If an agent needs to open different applications to find out the relevant information during an interaction with a customer, then they can achieve this through a browser. In a browser-based environment, this entails opening a browser, opening different tabs/windows/browsers to open google page, company’s website, login page of telephony system, and the information page of the integrated application. 

This rather looks like a complicated issue to deal with because browsers, tabs or windows fly everywhere or need to be placed side by side for better visibility. 

From USD: 

USD simplifies the process of opening multiple browsers or tabs. You can now open all these pages within a dedicated customer session.  


An agent can have the ability to login to their telephony user session, change their availability status, and be ready to take the incoming calls all within one session. 

agent can have the ability to login

Unified Service Desk

unified service desk for microsoft dynamics 365

When the agent receives the call, a new dedicated customer session is opened with the customer’s contact and a new phone call record that was created during the interaction with the customer. Thus, Unified service desk helps integrating the telephony system and the Dynamics CRM giving the agent a wholesome and dedicated experience. 

Dynamics CRM

In another instance, an agent can open a record relevant to a given order. This order record might be placed within CRM or in a different system. USD, through its Windows navigation rules and actions can open this order as a new tab. 

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Thus, USD helps integrate all apps under one umbrella, enabling an agent to focus on the interaction with the customer. This helps increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction. 


More and more call centers are increasingly asking their agents to not only take phone calls, but to engage with customers through text messages, social channels, self-service websites, and website reviews. Therefore, USD can help increase productivity by integrating apps that use disparate technology under one umbrella leading to increased agent productivity and customer satisfaction.