US-based medical technology company streamlines client and data management with AlphaBOLD as their Dynamics 365 partner

Our customer is a US-based medical technology company headquartered in California. They have a global client base and supply products to nearly 100 countries. They reached out to AlphaBOLD to find a solution for their convoluted patient management system and equip their team with more straightforward and quick access to patient information. The client was already using Marketo as a database. However, they were unable to house and index data.
This case study examines how AlphaBOLD was able to help the client streamline its patient management process with Microsoft Dynamics 365. AlphaBOLD built a robust patient management system using Dynamics 365 to find relevant information, cater to patients and create cases quickly. Additionally, AlphaBOLD also integrated their existing data source to help them overcome their limitations.
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About Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of interconnected, modular SaaS applications designed to transform and empower organizations with operational excellence and customer satisfaction. This cloud-based platform combines the functionalities of an ERP system with a CRM to integrate business processes, data, and logic.

Industry: Medical technology 

Issue: Convoluted patient relationship management system, the inability of Marketo to serve as a housing and indexing solution to efficiently manage patient queries and complaints. 

Technique: Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service, Power BI. 

Customer Challenges

Convoluted patient relationship management system 

The customer struggled with patient information and could not quickly look up patient history, product details, advocates, and care providers. Their data was stored in disparate sources, and thus they could not easily access relevant information. This meant that employees often had to spend valuable hours, which they could utilize elsewhere, to track patient and product data.

Patient queries and complaints

The customer also lacked a proper application or service to cater to patient complaints and information requests regarding their products. They needed a solution that would allow their customer service representatives to take calls from patients and create cases in the system tied to the existing database.

Inability of Marketo to serve as a housing and indexing solution

The customer had many patients who would register for various activities and resources on their website. This allowed them to get access to a lot of patient data. However, most of that information was collected into Marketo using Marketo forms. Marketo is a flat database and is geared only toward marketing. The usability of Marketo to look, find, and navigate the required patient information was cumbersome as the data was not used for Marketing purposes. Therefore, the client wanted a different solution for housing and indexing the gathered data.

AlphaBOLD – A Gold Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365

AlphaBOLD is a certified Gold Microsoft Dynamics Partner and is trusted by numerous companies worldwide. The best part about AlphaBOLD is its passion for technology and drive to make businesses better. AlphaBOLD offers a complete suite of Dynamics 365 services to help businesses streamline operational processes. 

Building a robust Dynamics 365 patient relationship management solution

AlphaBOLD utilized Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) to build a thorough patient management solution for the client. The solution empowered the users to quickly find information with ease and provide a more straightforward, more targeted navigation experience when looking through the patient records to find the relevant procedures, products, and other patient-related activities. This not only saved time and effort but also positively impacted employee motivation and productivity. 

Streamlining customer service with Patient Service Center

AlphaBOLD assisted the client in managing their incoming product queries and complaints by extending the patient solution to create the Patient Service Center (PSC) application. The application resides on the existing patient database while making use of the Dynamics for Customer Service feature-set. It enables customer service representatives from the PSC to take calls from the users and create a case in the system. The system used for the PSC is tied to the existing patient database. By connecting the system to the existing database, AlphaBOLD empowered the client to track all case activities and efficiently solve patient complaints and respond to queries.

Efficient housing and indexing for patient data

The client’s dependence on Marketo forms was not fruitful as Marketo was a flat database targeted towards marketing and sales. AlphaBOLD was able to integrate the information gathered by Marketo to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allowed for a streamlined, unfied content source.

Power BI reporting

Additionally, AlphaBOLD provided the medical technology company with robust Power BI reporting capabilities. The client could now track various aspects of patient interactions such as their involvement in activities, website engagement, feedback, and participation in multiple programs.


AlphaBOLD utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help the US-based medical technology company achieve higher productivity and resource optimization goals. With an efficient Patient Service Center (PSC), they now enjoy a reduced call time, quick access to information, automated case creation, and reduced case resolution time. Additionally, with the ability to efficiently integrate data from Marketo to the Patient Engagement System, our client’s team no longer spends valuable hours fishing for necessary patient information. AlphaBOLD also provided the client with visibility and tracking features for high-impacting patients through the Power BI reports. This has allowed them to improve their marketing activities significantly. The client also enjoys an added bonus of implementing these modern technologies; they now can cut down the training time for new hires and users.

Overall, with AlphaBOLD as their Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, the US-based medical technology firm enjoys a streamlined patient management process, faster and smoother access to data, improved reporting competencies, and enhanced customer service capabilities.