5 Reasons Why PowerApps Are the Future of Dynamics 365 Development

Nowadays, PowerApps have taken the industry by a storm. The refreshing UI of the PowerApps and the power to create simple apps on the fly has contributed to the popularity of PowerApps. If you are not convinced as to how PowerApps will revolutionize the development of Dynamics 365, then keep on reading till the end.

No need to go through an app store.

With traditional iOS and Android development, there is the hassle of having to work with a third party to get your application approved. If something is not sanctioned by this third party, PowerApps – basically all your efforts go to drain.

With PowerApps, you are required to install a base Dynamics 365 application where all the PowerApps are stored. There is no need to have an application approval process because Microsoft has already handled that. This is a huge benefit that is overlooked!

This means that changes can be pushed instantly to the live application. You don’t have to worry about getting the changes approved or your users will have to wait too long to explore new features – all of this can be seen instantaneously by the PowerApps users.

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Cross-platform support

Another problem with mobile development is the fact that Android and iOS are written in two different languages Java and Swift. This means that to get on both platforms, you have had to write two different applications that have the same functionality. This doubles the work involved to create an app to support both platforms! This translates into huge costs and headaches just to push simple features.

Low Code Approach – Citizen Developers

App development is a huge technical endeavor requiring deep knowledge of the specific platform to be successful. Microsoft has taken an approach that is looking to meld an excel-like experience with mobile app development. This means that less technical individuals can create applications that can provide value for businesses.

Focused extensions of Dynamics 365

PowerApps allow focused experiences around a single workflow or task. If a user is reserving a room or evaluating the value of a plot or land. No need to show them everything that Dynamics 365 has to offer (which is immense). They can focus on just their task with a tailored approach using PowerApps.

Mobile First Approach

Businesses need to be able to operate on mobile devices. Long gone are the days where businesses were tied to a desk. New opportunities are arising every day that require mobility and flexibility for services offered to consumers. Dynamics 365 with PowerApps allows for this flexibility.

Upcoming 5G cellular networks are going to change the landscape of IT and business. I know this might be hard to fathom now but imagine Instagram or Uber without the current 4G/LTE network – it would simply not be possible.


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With the five reasons laid out above you can see that PowerApps have an exciting future with the Dynamics 365 platform. Every Dynamics 365 implementation should consider using this resource going forward to get the best outcome.

Go forth with PowerApps!

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