Accelerating Success: AlphaBOLD’s Automation Solutions Drive Green Project Technologies

Executive Summary: Green Project Technologies, a leading carbon accounting company, successfully overcame significant challenges in its functionalities through AlphaBOLD’s automation solutions that not only improved efficiency but also streamlined its operations.

Established in 2020, Green Project is a leading carbon accounting platform that enables companies in the private markets and supply chains to track and reduce their carbon footprint in full compliance with the GHG Protocol. With a vision to democratize ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), the company provides API integrations, portfolio and supply chain management tools, and quick onboarding for new customers. Garnering a solid reputation as the “QuickBooks of ESG Accounting,” Green Project Technologies has attracted over 400 companies across the US, UK, EU, Australia, Africa, and South America.

Roadblocks To Revolution: Green Project Technologies faced challenges scaling due to the complexities of their platform’s functionalities, particularly the numerous workflows involved in customer onboarding and survey creation. In search of a resolution that would help save time and money for the company, Green Project Technologies sought the automation and testing services expertise of AlphaBOLD.

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Streamlining Testing With AlphaBOLD’s Comprehensive Automation Methodology:

AlphaBOLD took a proactive approach by creating automated tests for various portals, including the admin and customer interfaces. This automation not only saved time and effort but also improved the overall efficiency of the testing process. Furthermore, AlphaBOLD seamlessly integrated a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tool, enabling automated testing to run automatically with each deployment. This integration ensured that any changes made to the system would be thoroughly tested, guaranteeing a reliable and stable platform. In addition to automating the testing process, AlphaBOLD supported testing the Single Sign-On (SSO) changes implemented on the platform.

AlphaBOLD began by conducting a thorough application analysis to successfully implement these automation solutions, gaining a deep understanding of the platform’s functionalities and requirements. This analysis was the foundation for creating comprehensive QA documentation, including workflow diagrams, testing scenarios, and detailed test cases. The primary objective throughout this process was to build a robust automation framework. This framework allowed for efficient and reusable test scripts, making it easier to maintain and update as the application evolved.

Automation Testing Process:

AlphaBOLD’s systematic and strategic implementation resulted in streamlined operations and fortified efficiency through:  

  1. Data-Driven Automation Framework: AlphaBOLD designed a data-driven automation framework that allowed for reusable test scripts, making maintenance and updates easier as the application evolved. 
  2. Batch File Integration: Automation scripts for each functionality of Green Project Technologies’ portals were created by AlphaBOLD. These scripts were then compiled into a batch file (executable program) and uploaded onto the client’s provided Amazon WorkSpace. 
  3. Jenkins Integration: After successful upload, the batch files were integrated with Jenkins, a widely used CI/CD tool. AlphaBOLD ensured global accessibility by hosting the Jenkins domain and implementing SSL Certificates. 
  4. SSO Tasks Verification: AlphaBOLD created comprehensive documentation for the Single Sign-On (SSO) changes implemented on the platform. A hybrid testing approach was adopted to verify the changes, utilizing API Testing with POSTMAN and Manual Testing. 

Paving The Way For Progress – Automation And Modernization:

Technical Improvements: The intervention by AlphaBOLD had a significant impact on Green Project Technologies. The automation scripts enabled quick smoke testing of the application portals, including customer and admin. This automation drastically reduced the time and effort required for testing after each deployment. Moreover, automation scripts also empowered the Green Project team to add details of newly onboarded customers to their portals swiftly.

Process Improvements: Additionally, the collaborative effort facilitated process improvements within the client’s organization, enhancing overall performance and streamlining operations. This partnership resulted in efficient and effective automation solutions, saving time, improving customer onboarding processes, and enhancing operational efficiency. Overall, it contributed to the project’s success, enabling Green Project to continue its mission of democratizing ESG accounting.

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