MechCo Group LLC Enhances Operations with Dynamics 365-backed Construction Management System


Burrowed in the heart of Rogersville, Alabama, MechCo Group LLC started as a small, local mechanical contractor specializing in fabrication, equipment, aviation fueling, and repair capabilities. The mechanical contractor’s strength resided in skilled craftsmanship, meticulous planning, and a relentless pursuit of exceeding client expectations. These core principles would become the cornerstones of MechCo’s success story over the next seven decades, transforming them from a local name into an undisputed champion within the construction industry.

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A Journey Disrupted: Challenges on the Rise

Much like any company scaling to new heights, MechCo encountered obstacles familiar to modern businesses. As their footprint expanded, project management became cumbersome, data became siloed across various systems, and reliance on paper-based documentation stalled efficiency. Their existing technological infrastructure simply couldn’t keep pace with MechCo’s ambitions in the competitive Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

These inefficiencies manifested in inaccurate cost estimation and resource allocation, ultimately impacting both their bottom line and competitive edge. Recognizing this, MechCo embarked on a quest for an industry-focused sales and project management software solution. They needed a platform that not only addressed their current needs but also could adapt and scale along future needs and growth plans.

Fixing the Past, Present, and Future with BUILDFitters:

MechCo’s search for a management software solution led them to BUILDFitters, a strategic fit for their predicament. Designed as an AEC-focused solution by AlphaBOLD, BUILDFitters not only promised to address MechCo’s future business endeavors but also offered the ability to rectify inefficiencies created by its legacy system. Furthermore, BUILDFitters’s module-based functionalities ensured that ongoing projects would benefit immediately from the implementation.

Built on the robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365, BUILDFitters is specifically tailored to the AEC industry. This targeted focus meant it wouldn’t just address the common challenges MechCo faced but modernize its entire operations and project management capabilities as a contractor. Here’s what sets BUILDFitters apart:

Focused Applications AI & BI Capabilities Third-party Integrations Robust Knowledge Base and Support

BUILDFitters and MechCo: Technologically Crafted For Success

The implementation of BUILDFitters was an ambitious undertaking. It encompassed the development of interconnected Dynamics 365-based applications like the Sales App, Project Management App, Foreman App and more. Each application module targeted specific operational pain points, working together to streamline MechCo’s project management, decision-making, and profitability.

Bridging the Gaps: How BUILDFitters Streamlined MechCo's Operations

MechCo’s impressive growth brought its own set of challenges. Disjointed project oversight, inadequate communication tools, and cumbersome labor tracking were hindering their efficiency and impacting project delivery. BUILDFitters addressed these issues head-on with a suite of interconnected applications designed to streamline MechCo’s operations:

  • Project Management App: MechCo previously grappled with misallocated resources and missed deadlines due to fragmented project oversight. BUILDFitters’ Project Management App introduced a unified dashboard, providing real-time project insights. This empowered MechCo to effectively track progress, allocate resources efficiently, and manage milestones with greater control, ensuring projects stayed on schedule and within budget.
  • Foreman App: On-site coordination is crucial for successful project execution. MechCo’s reliance on outdated communication methods hampered this process. The Foreman App equipped site supervisors with mobile access to critical information. Supervisors could now receive real-time project updates, assign tasks efficiently, and access progress reports – all from their mobile devices. This enhanced on-site collaboration and empowered faster, more informed decision-making.
  • Sales App: MechCo’s sales process lacked a centralized platform, hindering lead nurturing and proposal creation. BUILDFitters’ Sales App overcame this hurdle by offering built-in cost estimation tools for fast, accurate project pricing and proposal templates that ensure consistency. It also streamlined opportunity management with a central hub for tracking customer interactions, qualifying leads, and nurturing opportunities, empowering MechCo’s sales team to focus on closing deals.

“Before BUILDFitters, creating quotes was a time-consuming process. Now, the built-in estimation capabilities and streamlined quotation creation have made a huge difference. Our team can generate more quotes in less time with fewer steps, allowing us to pursue additional opportunities.”Bailey Comer, Project Manager – MechCo Group LLC

  • Labor App: Previously, tracking labor productivity was a time-consuming and error-prone process. The Labor App offered a user-friendly solution, allowing MechCo to effortlessly monitor work hours and analyze individual and team productivity. This ensured accurate labor cost capture and analysis, leading to better project budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Scheduling App: MechCo’s reliance on outdated scheduling methods often resulted in project delays. BUILDFitters’ Scheduling App revolutionized this aspect with advanced tools for creating and managing detailed project timelines. This comprehensive solution allowed MechCo to meticulously plan and track each task, ensuring all activities were completed within set deadlines and the overall project stayed on track.
By implementing these innovative BUILDFitters applications, MechCo bridged the operational gaps hindering their growth. They gained real-time visibility, improved communication, and streamlined processes, ultimately achieving greater efficiency and delivering projects on time and within budget.

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Invoice Automation: Streamlining Cash Flow and Freeing Up Time

MechCo’s manual invoicing process was a bottleneck, consuming valuable time and resources. BUILDFitters’ Invoice Automation feature streamlined the entire process, from invoice creation and approval to payment tracking. This reduced errors, improved financial management, and freed up MechCo’s team to focus on core business activities that are critical for growth. Now, MechCo can send accurate invoices faster, receive payments quicker, and gain real-time insights into their cash flow, allowing them to make better financial decisions and invest in future endeavors.

A Strategic Success:

The integration of BUILDFitters proved to be a crucial milestone for MechCo. Automated processes saved them significant time while enhanced communication and collaboration fostered a more efficient workflow. But the benefits went beyond just streamlining operations. BUILDFitters empowered MechCo with:

  • Accurate Cost Estimation: Precise cost estimation tools ensured project profitability remained optimized.
  • Improved Contract Management: Efficient management of contracts and invoices further bolstered financial health.
  • Streamlined Accounting: Integration with QuickBooks simplified accounting processes and enhanced financial reporting.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Everyone from executives to field workers now has a clear view of project progress and information.
  • Increased Accountability: Robust tracking pinpoints problems for faster resolution by MechCo’s team.

“With the implementation of BUILDFitters, we have managed to reduce costs, streamline processes, and set higher goals, BUILDFitters has not only enabled us to optimize our operations but has also provided us with the tools and insights necessary to make smarter decisions and deliver exceptional results to our clients.” says Bailey Comer, Project Manager at MechCo Group LLC.

A Partnership Forged in Innovation:

The collaboration between MechCo and BUILDFitters is a testament to the power of embracing technology for growth. BUILDFitters not only addressed MechCo’s challenges but also empowered them to establish a new benchmark for excellence within the construction industry.

“MechCo’s eagerness to not only expand its operations but also upgrade its underlying technological framework is something you rarely get to witness in such a short period,” says Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting at BUILDFitters. MechCo’s journey serves as a blueprint for other construction companies and contractors seeking to navigate the ever-evolving challenges of the highly competitive AEC sphere.

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