Intranet Modernization for Genomic Healthcare Company with SharePoint 

Working with AlphaBOLD, a leading biotechnology and genomic healthcare company, utilized Microsoft SharePoint to overcome its internal collaborative and document storage challenges with a modern intranet solution. 

Based in San Diego, California, our client started as a clinical research organization with a goal and vision to bring precision to the practice through non-invasive genomic testing. Today, it is one of the leading names in biotechnology and has revolutionized genomic healthcare with its smart sticker technology. 

Roadblocks to revolution? 

However, on its way to revolutionizing the genomic healthcare world, the company faced significant business challenges since it had a lot of spread-out operations, incoming client data, critical research and documentation, and cross-communication requirements. The company lacked a cohesive and secure way to share updates across departments and regions. Furthermore, company documentation, data, and client information were scattered across storage locations without a proper information architecture. With this range of collaborative roadblocks, it could not achieve the productivity that it had hoped for or scale as it had envisioned. 

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A technology partner that understands vision, dilemma, and goals 

Looking for an experienced SharePoint intranet developer, the company partnered with AlphaBOLD to help formulate a customized solution for its collaborative challenges. AlphaBOLD’s years of experience in implementing SharePoint for companies across the globe, along with its practice of dogfooding, i.e., using the technology within the organization itself, made it the best technology partner for the company. 

After preliminary discussions with the client and a look at its existing technology infrastructure, AlphaBOLD worked with its in-house team to formulate and implement its Intranet portal vision.  

SharePoint Intranet Implementation 

AlphaBOLD worked to generate a fully functional SharePoint Intranet portal for the company to help it centralize data and make information secure and readily available. Keeping in mind their concerns, the SharePoint Consultants focused on increasing the intranet’s convenience of use. For example, by utilizing SharePoint web parts, AlphaBOLD empowered the client to easily access resources like documentation, company updates, announcements, etc. AlphaBOLD also helped them define their information architecture within SharePoint, which streamlined document management across multiple departments of the organization. This effectively improved collaboration for the client as employees from distant offices could connect easily, share information, and track updates in real-time. With version tracking, co-authoring, and auto-save features, employees now had the information they needed at their fingertips. 

AlphaBOLD experts also created a departmental template to enable administrators to scale the deployment out to additional departments as needed without the help or assistance of AlphaBold. This ensures that the client can continue to manage the portal without the added administrative overhead of relying on an outside consultancy.  

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Towards new avenues – Intranet modernization 

AlphaBOLD helped the client streamline its internal processes. AlphaBOLD’s SharePoint experts spent time understanding the organization’s needs to ensure that its solution meets the at-go-live needs and any needs that may arise as they continue to scale. Today the client’s employees enjoy an optimized flow for its internal processes and are thus focusing on improving the organization’s overall productivity.