Merge External Assemblies In Dynamics 365 Online Plugins


In Dynamics 365 Online and all Dynamic CRM versions, external dll in the plugin is not supported. When you use an external dll in your Dynamics 365 Online Plugins, your plugin will display an error.

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This blog will describe the steps to build your plugin and use the external dlls.

Step 1

Right-click on your external dll, click on properties, and set the Copy Local property to True.

And other dll you are using in your solution, like

  • Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll
  • Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Proxy.dll
  • Microsoft.IdentityModel.dll

Be sure to change these dll properties and set Copy Local to False. If you do not change these settings, ILMerge will include them in your assembly, which will likely crash your CRM environment.

Please make sure you set Copy Local to true for external dll only.

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step 2

Install MSBuild.ILMerge.Task into your solution through Nuget.

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step 3

Build your solution: when you build your solution, please note it will take longer than your normal solution building because it must merge external dll with your plugin dll. Register the plugin in CRM and enjoy the external dll.

Conclusion: Enhanced CRM workflows with Dynamics 365 Online Plugins

This blog has outlined the necessary steps to successfully integrate external DLLs into your Dynamics 365 Online plugins, thereby expanding the functionality and efficiency of your custom plugins. By following the detailed guidance provided, you can overcome this limitation and enhance your Dynamics 365 CRM services, ensuring that your plugins work seamlessly within the Dynamics environment. Embracing these techniques opens up a broader range of capabilities for your CRM solutions, allowing for more sophisticated and powerful customizations that meet your business needs.

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