CRM Comparison – Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce

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A good starting point is to use CRM to house information and process data. When it comes to CRMs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for any organization. Aside from a purely custom-built solution, most CRMs come prebuilt with an area of focus that is generic to most industries. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are two of the most popular CRM Solutions with similar but unique features. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a professional business tool that can handle the majority of business needs outright. One of the main features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that there are three options for CRM deployment – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.  

Most businesses nowadays have switched solely to the cloud however, some prefer to keep all data in-house; Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers this flexibility. There are five main CRM-type apps that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has – Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, and Marketing.  

Being a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 fully integrates with Microsoft’s other products such as OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, Flow, Power BI, and the Office 365 suite. For the user interface, there are options to use JavaScript, custom plug-ins, or even canvas apps. If desired, there is a mobile version of Dynamics available as well. Another key feature for Dynamics is creating security on three levels: User Roles, Record-level, or Field-level. Reporting in Dynamics is also user-friendly as it is easy to create and customize various report types. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great tool for businesses, especially if they already utilize other Microsoft products. 

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Salesforce is a big name in the CRM world, and it is understandable why. Salesforce is a completely cloud-based software that follows the SaaS model. There are three main applications within Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.  

Some of the key features of the CRM are contact management, quote tracking, activity management, sales lead management, and conversion to opportunities. In terms of their report management, Salesforce utilizes Einstein AI, which allows for a deeper insight into customer interactions based on previous activities.  

The Salesforce Mobile app grants users real-time access to their data. In terms of training, they offer trailheads for learning. Customization of Salesforce can be costly depending on need. The Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of free and paid third-party apps that developers have created to help with various aspects of businesses. Integrating different apps can extend the functionality of the Salesforce CRM to make it fit various workflows without limitations, aside from cost. For companies that do not want to start from scratch but have a specific workflow that they can piece together, Salesforce is the best option. 

To see how Dynamics 365 compares to other solutions in the market read our blog: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Competing Solutions.

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Final Verdict  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 crm and Salesforce are both optimal for any business to use. For companies that are growing and established, Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be the better option whereas Salesforce seems to fit smaller, starting businesses. Salesforce can be cheaper when your company is small, or you opt for their least expensive package but can get costly with all the add-ons as your company expands and as you grow beyond their introductory pricing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a slightly higher cost of entry when first starting out, but the price ceiling for individual Microsoft licenses is far lower than Salesforce’s top pricing options. Additionally, discounts are offered when incorporating other tools that Microsoft offers. There is no right answer when it comes to CRM. None are perfect but there are those that are a better fit for your organization based upon what you are looking for.