Why Work With a Partner on Dynamics 365 Implementation?


To call Microsoft Dynamics 365 a vast ecosystem of business apps is an understatement. Whether for SMBs or Enterprise, high-growth companies, this platform always has something to offer. In fact, over 95% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, as we all know: deploying Dynamics 365 without the right expertise can be notorious. Dynamics 365 as a platform offers both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. The sheer number of apps that fall under the Dynamics 365 umbrella can make it difficult to map out the best use of the software for your organization. That being said, having a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner by your side can help map processes to module. With Microsoft Solutions Partner expertise, C-suites can make facilitate their decision to implement Dynamics 365. This blog postspeaks to the advantages of partnering with a Microsoft Solutions Partner and how it can turn a complex  Dynamics 365 project into a high-performing solution for your business. 

Beyond the Basics: Introducing Dynamics 365 Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite leads users to an entirely new business paradigm. This includes streamlined operations, data-driven insights, and process automation. Dynamics 365 solutions seamlessly integrate with various business operations, providing a unified system for organizations. From streamlining sales and customer service operations to enhancing financial visibility and operational efficiency, Dynamics 365 offers a range of capabilities that propel businesses to new heights. But like any epic frontier, leveraging Dynamics 365 demands more than just basic deployment- it needs a Solution Partner like AlphaBOLD.  

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Navigating the Complex Terrain of Dynamics 365 Implementation & Deployment

As noted above, Dynamics 365 deployment and implementation is far from a straightforward endeavor. It’s an intricate process that demands a deep understanding of the software and how it can best align with an organization’s scope. For the C-Suite, venturing into implementing Dynamics 365 can be a strategic move fraught with potential pitfalls. While the promise of integrating a robust system like Dynamics 365 into their business operations is enticing, it’s imperative to recognize and prepare for the challenges that can occur while Dynamics 365 deployment, potentially derailing the project and impacting the organization’s overall performance.

  • Misalignment with Business Objectives: One of the primary risks in Dynamics 365 implementation is the system’s misalignment with the core business objectives. If the system is not tailored to align with the organization’s strategic goals, it can lead to inefficiencies and a lack of adoption by key stakeholders. 
  • Underestimation of Resources and Time: C-Suite executives often underestimate the time and resources required for a successful implementation. This includes financial resources and the time and effort needed from various teams within the organization. 
  • Resistance to Change: Change management is a critical aspect often overlooked. The introduction of a new system like Dynamics 365 can meet resistance from employees accustomed to existing processes. Failure to manage this change effectively can result in low adoption rates and diminish the new system’s effectiveness. 
  • Data Migration Challenges: Migration of existing data into the new Dynamics 365 system is complex. Issues with data quality, loss of critical data, or incompatibilities can lead to significant operational challenges post-implementation.
  • Insufficient Training and Support: Without adequate training and ongoing support, users may struggle to adapt to the new system. This can lead to underutilizing Dynamics 365’s capabilities and a failure to realize the expected return on investment. 
  • Lack of Customization and Flexibility: Dynamics 365 solution, while robust, needs to be customized to fit an organization’s unique needs. A one-size-fits-all approach can lead to a system that does not adequately address specific operational needs or industry-specific challenges. 
  • Technical Glitches and Integration Issues: Technical issues during implementation, including integration with existing systems and software, can cause disruptions and delays, affecting business operations and leading to cost overruns. 
  • Overlooking Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: Post-implementation, ongoing maintenance and regular updates are crucial to ensure the system remains effective and secure. Neglecting these aspects can lead to performance issues and security vulnerabilities. 

For the C-Suite, understanding and proactively addressing these potential pitfalls is vital for a successful Dynamics 365 implementation. It requires careful planning and a strategic partnership with Microsoft Solution Partners, who can lead the entire process from requirement gathering to post-go-live support. The bottom line? It’s about finding the right partner that matches your CFO mojo. 

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Role of a Microsoft Solution Partner:

Let’s discuss the least recognized entity in Dynamics 365 implementations – Microsoft Solution Partners. Microsoft Solution Partners can become an indispensable ally in your Dynamics 365 journey with their inside track and direct access to Microsoft. Let’s walk you through some of the valuable benefits your organization will get by partnering with a Microsoft Solution Partner

Keeping Pace with Microsoft Tech Stack:

Microsoft solution partners participate in private pre-release programs to access new features, products, and updates. Moreover, they consistently upskill their personnel with extensive training through required certification courses and events like Microsoft Ignite 

Exposure like this keeps Solution Partners at the leading edge of Microsoft’s capabilities as they evolve. Therefore, a Microsoft Solution Partner can seamlessly keep your systems at the top of their capability and show how new Microsoft releases apply to your business scope and environment.  

Established Relationship & Direct Access to Microsoft:

Building on the extensive relationship with Microsoft through competencies and advanced specializations, partners have direct access to Microsoft product teams and support channels. Partners can get clarification on capabilities and roadmaps, expedited assistance with issues, and answers related to customer needs. Simply put, any advanced issues your business comes across will likely be resolved quickly.  

Proactive Updates and Migration Assistance:

The best part – Solution Partners are adept at managing any Microsoft updates, migrations, and upgrades for customers. Since they have insight into version compatibility across Microsoft’s solution portfolio, solutions partners can enable smooth technology transitions and help avoid business disruption. Partners can work closely with customers to design cost-efficient licensing types that align with their business priorities. Ultimately, this expertise adds another value to the partnership, helping customers make well-informed decisions about their licensing requirements and budget allocation. 

Proof of Concept Environments:

Partners are equipped with demonstration licenses to create proof-of-concept environments, demonstrating the potential of Microsoft’s cloud platforms and applications. With these resources, partners can build prototypes and pilot projects tailored to customers’ requirements.  

With this offering, stakeholders or decision-makers can easily assess the features and capabilities of Microsoft technologies firsthand, gaining confidence in their suitability before fully committing to adopting these new solutions.  

Customized Solutions:

Microsoft Solution Partners are not just tech buffs; they’re strategic thinkers. They start by understanding the core of your business – its objectives, challenges, and processes. Partners develop specialized expertise around customer personas, challenges, and industry needs. This equips them to craft solutions on Microsoft technology customized to each customer’s environment, workflows, and objectives. Partners become trusted advisors guiding customers to the best fit.  

Managed Services:

Lastly, partners can provide ongoing managed services or post-go live services for Microsoft solutions they implement. This allows companies to offload day-to-day system administration, optimization, and support. Adding to performance monitoring, partners also respond to any issues and keep the solution tuned in line with evolving business needs.  

AlphaBOLD: The Microsoft Solution Partner of Choice

AlphaBOLD has undoubtedly become a trusted partner for clients from various industries and established a firm foothold across the business arena. 

Since companies across different sectors constantly seek reliable technology partners to navigate Microsoft solutions, AlphaBOLD has emerged as a go-to Microsoft Solution Partner, offering expertise that transcends industry boundaries. 

AlphaBOLD’s journey began with a commitment to understanding diverse industries’ unique challenges and opportunities. We realized that a one-size-fits-all approach regarding technology solutions doesn’t work. Instead, we take a client-centric philosophy that tailors our services to meet the specific needs of organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. 

Infographics show that Navigating Success with BOLDRoute Methodology

At the core of AlphaBOLD’s success is the BOLDRoute Methodology, a robust framework that guides the entire client journey. It’s not just about implementing Microsoft solutions; it’s about orchestrating digital transformations that align seamlessly with the goals of each industry served. Since AlphBOLD has hands-on experience in collaborating with clients from various sectors, they leverage deep expertise to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity.  

Customer Success Spotlight:

AlphaBOLD has robust partnerships and has established itself as a trusted advisor. One success story revolves around JWC Environmental, a company renowned for its waste shredders and screening systems. As they expanded globally, they faced challenges like outdated customer service functionalities, disconnected processes, and manual case management. AlphaBOLD stepped in to help them overcome these obstacles. 

Together with JWC Environmental, AlphaBOLD implemented Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. The results were transformative. Call center agents could now access customer information efficiently, enabling them to respond to issues and inquiries promptly. By streamlining their customer service processes, JWC Environmental experienced a substantial boost in productivity. They could redirect their time and resources toward growth, innovation, and maintaining top-notch quality standards.

AlphaBOLD’s team has helped us revamp our entire contact center solution and assisted us in creating a process flow that aligns with our primary goals. By implementing Unified Service Desk for us, AlphaBOLD has helped us significantly reduce costs and time wastage while improving resource utilization. We believe AlphaBOLD to be a trusted advisor and solution provider.

Greg Queen: President – JWC EnvironmentalRead Full Customer Story

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Summing it up, a Microsoft Solution Partner is not just a service provider; they’re your co-pilot, advisor, and troubleshooter all rolled into one. Partnering with them means tapping into a wealth of expertise and experience, ensuring that your Dynamics 365 implementation is successful and a strategic move that propels your business forward in the digital realm. So, when you embark on this journey, having a Microsoft Solution Partner by your side is like having a guiding star in the vast galaxy of digital transformation – invaluable and reassuring. 

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