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Field service is extremely volatile, leaving organizations and their leaders to grapple with everything from unpredictable economic shifts to shifting customer service trends. If you’re the tech leader of your organization tasked with achieving it all with limited resources, innovative solutions, like AI, arecan be the key to success in field service management. This is precisely where Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 Field Service step in, significantly boosting field service productivity. 

Every organization hopes to wow its customers with exceptional service. It’s the key to building and maintaining customer loyalty. However, in the real world, achieving timely resolutions can be challenging when scattered tools hinder easy access to necessary information and lengthy data-entry processes slow down service delivery. The introduction of Copilot with Dynamics 365 Field Service brings the power of advanced AI directly to service professionals, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve issues. From efficiently creating and assigning work orders with accurate information to providing technicians with the support they need to complete tasks successfully, Copilot streamlines essential frontline activities. 

This blog discusses all the new updates of Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 Field Service that will help you understand how AI can be the trusty support your field technicians need to accomplish their day-to-day tasks.  

Understanding Field Service Challenges

Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index Annual Report has opened our eyes to a striking reality: 63% of frontline workers find themselves wired in repetitive, mundane tasks that detract from actual, impactful work. Additionally, 66% feel the crunch of insufficient time to finish their tasks. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a frontline leader would see AI’s biggest incentive as taking the load off employees regarding these repetitive yet necessary tasks.

Take, for example, tasks like facility inspections, equipment installations, or maintenance requests. Frontline service managers would much rather focus on boosting their team’s efficiency than get caught up in the grind of tasks like transferring information between systems to create work orders or dispatch technicians. And for the technicians on the ground, having the right information at the right time to get the job done correctly on the first try is equally necessary.

AI-packed Copilot helps these technicians deliver quality work with utmost confidence. This isn’t just a speculation. A survey highlighted that 70% of Copilot users experienced a jump in productivity, 73% were able to complete tasks more swiftly, and 68% noticed an improvement in the quality of their work. Copilot is making a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of those on the frontline.

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Considering these challenges, let’s see what generative AI brings to the table and how it might give you a competitive edge in field service management 

Generative AI in Field Service Operations

Frontline service professionals know the drill: when you’re out in the field, quick access to customer details and technical info makes the difference between satisfactory and unsatisfactory customer service. Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index Annual Report has reported that “struggling to find the needed information fast” is among the top five headaches for frontline workers. This isn’t just an inconvenience; it impacts key performance indicators, such as first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction and retention. 

For these reasons, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has introduced its latest AI-powered experiences that are changing the game by giving frontline workers a much faster way to dig up info on-site. Workers can now simply ask questions or state what they need in everyday language. And that’s not all. The process of creating work orders and scheduling technicians has also been improved with the help of AI.  

IDC reports that 28% of organizations are investing substantially in generative AI. It’s clear that modern tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service have been a big help in making frontline workers more effective and efficient in customer service. But with Copilot, things are stepping up a notch. By tapping into the latest in AI technology, Copilot is changing the game, making problem-solving faster and service better right where it matters most – on the frontline. 

Are you a leader from the AEC industry looking for insights into utilizing Copilot and AI for your organization? Head to our recent blog post: A Guide to Microsoft Copilot For The AEC Industry.  

Infographics show the Generative AI in Field Service Operations

Let’s get into the detail:

1. Boosting Technician Productivity:

Frontline workers have a new way to streamline their tasks – by simply chatting with Copilot in Microsoft Teams; they can get all the essential info for their work orders. It’s as easy as conversing in natural language to pull up updates, necessary parts, or guidance directly from Dynamics 365 Field Service. Moreover, the Dynamics 365 Field Service app fully integrates with Teams, letting workers view and tweak their work orders.

Earlier in 2023, Microsoft revamped the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app to make it a breeze for technicians to get the information they need while on the job. And now, this experience has gotten even better with the latest AI enhancements, saving more time and energy.

For a quick recap of Dynamics 365 Field Service and its mobile capabilities, read our blog: Leveraging Mobile Capabilities In Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Field workers can get a quick summary of key work order details without jumping through hoops of multiple tabs. For updates, technicians can just talk to Copilot and explain what’s been done.

And here’s what the future looks like:

Microsoft is pushing the limits with AI and mixed reality for frontline workers who must stay heads-up and hands-free.

  • In the future, Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 could point to a machine and have a natural back-and-forth about how to service it.
  • Copilot will also be able to tap into generative AI to pull information from a wealth of sources like technical manuals, service history, and training content.
  • But it doesn’t stop at offering insights and suggestions. Copilot will take it a step further by showing techs exactly what to do through real-world holograms, bringing an interactive, hands-on guide into the field.

2. Streamlining Manager Workflows:

Next-generation AI isn’t just about speeding up time-consuming tasks for frontline managers; it’s also about enhancing the precision of data entry. The feature of Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 Field Service Outlook add-in is a real paradigm shift here. It simplifies work order creation by automatically filling in details from emails. Moreover, it fine-tunes technician scheduling using smart recommendations based on the following:

  • travel time,
  • availability,
  • and skill set

Vixxo is excited about the potential AI has to transform our business processes and deliver better customer experiences. With Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service, we are discovering how to leverage AI in a secure and flexible way to enhance the efficiency of our service and field teams. This is only the start, and we look forward to what’s next!” – Jim McCarthy, Chief Technology and Supply Chain Officer at Vixxo.

This system smartly brings relevant work orders to the surface, allowing managers to review them before generating new ones. These work orders can be easily adjusted or rescheduled to match changing customer needs. Additionally, organizations can tailor work orders to meet their specific frontline requirements by adding new fields or modifying and rearranging existing ones.

Another update on the Dynamics 365 Field Service work order management experience is now generally available with a redesigned, streamlined web interface. This new setup highlights crucial information and provides clear next steps based on booking statuses. It enables quick, inline updates or changes through a side panel, ensuring managers don’t lose track of the context.

3. Efficiencies with More Integrated Offerings:

IDC states that the field service industry is transitioning from a reactive approach to a more proactive, predictive, and prescriptive one. As a leader who wants to stay ahead of the competition, the key is understanding how this new technology can be adapted.

The proactive evolution demands that field service technicians adapt, offering customers fresh experiences. Organizations increasingly rely on third-party technicians who might work on various asset brands or newer techs who may be unfamiliar with certain types of equipment. The entire workforce must be armed with the right tools to tackle problems effectively. Moreover, mixed reality capabilities are key in enhancing problem resolution and customer experiences.

Here’s what new integration updates offer:

  • Starting December 2023, customers using Dynamics 365 Field Service will have complimentary access to both Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. This access allows users to create detailed guides, giving technicians step-by-step instructions for critical tasks.
  • The integration also enables live collaboration with remote experts through mobile or HoloLens 2 devices when extra help is needed.
  • This integration goes a step further by syncing real-time pricing and cost data from work orders and automatically updating financial and inventory records as work orders are processed.
  • The seamless connection between the various Dynamics 365 apps significantly reduces the effort needed to manage them, streamlining operations and data management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Copilot with Dynamics 365 Transforming Field Support?

Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 is taking support for Field Service to new heights using Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Frontline workers can now access information quickly using natural language queries with Copilot in Teams. Additionally, this tool enhances the user experience for field technicians, boosting their autonomy and confidence in managing regular tasks.

2. How Does Work Order Creation Work with Copilot in Outlook?

Leveraging AI, this feature enables frontline managers to effortlessly generate work orders directly from customer emails. Managers can review, modify, and schedule these work orders right within Outlook, seamlessly integrating with their existing workflow.

3. Can Dynamics 365 Field Service Be Customized as Per Business Needs?

Yes, administrators can tailor Field Service to fit the specific needs of their business. Moreover, for more specialized or complex customizations, businesses can take help from a partner who is experienced in customizing Dynamics 365 for Field Service. This ensures that the system not only meets unique business requirements but also optimizes efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Final Thoughts

Introducing AI into daily work tools is a game-changer, especially in how it’s revolutionizing work processes, and Copilot is an exceptional example in this regard. Particularly for those at the business frontlines, AI is opening up new, innovative, and customized ways to serve customers.

Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service have already made significant strides in boosting the productivity and efficiency of frontline workers in customer service. Copilot, however, has taken this one step further. Integrating advanced AI technology at the frontlines facilitates quicker problem-solving and elevates the quality of service, truly transforming frontline operations.

AlphaBOLD, as a Dynamics 365 Solution partner, can help you stay at the forefront of this AI shift and customize Copilot for your Field Service business needs. We ensure that your organization leverages the power of AI to its fullest, providing frontline workers with the tools they need for even greater productivity and enhanced customer service. Let’s start the journey together!

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