Understanding Cloud Payroll Integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Business Central stands out for its robust ERP capabilities, which include inventory, finance, and project management tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of modern businesses. These features collectively empower organizations for unparalleled success and growth. Despite its extensive suite of advanced capabilities, one area where Dynamics 365 Business Central traditionally falls short is offering dedicated payroll functionalities for large-scale companies. This gap has necessitated cloud payroll integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central, a solution that complements BC’s existing functionalities and addresses the complex payroll needs of growing enterprises. 

Geared towards empowering decision-makers, this article speaks to the pain points of large-scale companies with payroll management. Moreover, this piece highlights the significance and impact of cloud payroll integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Through an in-depth analysis of leading cloud payroll options like ADP now Workforce, Paycor, and Gusto, we will explore the key benefits these integrations offer and help you choose the most suitable cloud payroll software to pair with your BC instance.  

Overview to Business Central & Cloud Payroll Software

Breaking it down, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP solution that effectively oversees project operations. From client relations, inventory to finance, every aspect of business is seamlessly managed by Business Central. Moreover, it helps businesses seeking to upgrade their operational capabilities. But there is a catch with Business Central – despite it’s all-encompassing nature, it does not specialize in payroll capabilities, especially for high-growth companies with extensive and complex requirements. The platform doesn’t include a dedicated payroll system to manage complex payroll processes and comply with industry regulations. The question thus becomes, “Can you use Dynamics 365 Business Central if you have complex payroll requirements?” This blog post helps answer this question with comprehensive options for benefiting from Dynamics 365 BC, while leveraging third-party payroll systems. First, let’s discuss the definition of Cloud Payroll Software: 

Cloud Payroll Software: Take cloud payroll software as your dedicated payroll software capable of managing time-consuming HR and payroll ops. Cloud payroll solutions come with unique features such as real-time data access, automated tax calculations, employee self-service portals, and scalable options to future-proof your business for growth without significant investments.  

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Why Consider Cloud Payroll Integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

As mentioned earlier, managing payroll for high-scale companies can be tough due to multiple variables involved, such as changing compliance and tax regulations, manual data entry, limited reporting and analytics capabilities, and the lack of scalability in traditional payroll systems. Integrating cloud payroll solutions with Dynamics 365 Business Central can present the ultimate solution. Here’s how:  

  • Real-time access to payroll data: Everything is at the user’s fingertips. Anytime, anywhere on any device – from viewing company announcements and accessing documents to viewing time off requests all in one spot.  
  • Online performance reviews and management: Create and define unlimited performance reviews by employees and track the performance review scheduled dates and completion status. Reminders are visible in the employee self-service dashboard, and the employee results are recorded along with any supporting documentation.  
  • Employee self-service capabilities: enable employees to access payroll info, such as pay slips and tax documents, without going through HR. As a result, it reduces administrative workload and improves employee satisfaction. 
  • Process Automation: Routine tasks, such as tax calculations and payroll processing, can be automated. Payroll automation then minimizes the risk of errors and frees up bandwidth for valuable resources that can be redirected toward efforts in strategic activities. 
  • Employee certification license and training management: Manage employee credentials such as licenses, certifications, training, and skills easily.  Better yet, empower employees and managers to see upcoming expirations, make updates, and upload updated documentation directly through self-service. 

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Popular Cloud Payroll Options for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Navigating the array of cloud payroll options compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central is not easy to get right, but understanding the standout features of popular choices can significantly streamline the decision-making process. Three leading cloud payroll options integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365 BC are ADP, now Workforce, Paycor, and Gusto. Each of these platform offer unique advantages tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. 

Workforce is one of the best cloud payroll software for medium to large businesses. Its comprehensive payroll capabilities, including talent management, HR services, time and attendance, and employee benefits management, make it the platform of choice for users. Adding to these advanced capabilities, the platform can extend Business Central’s scalability potential. Lastly, compliance support, including any changes in payroll and employment laws, is consistently monitored to help ensure your business stays on top of defined regulations.  

Paycor is another leading cloud payroll software offering a user-friendly payroll solution. It comprises a comprehensive suite of HR and recruiting capabilities, customizable reporting, and analytics. This software can equip decision-makers with actionable insights into their payroll and workforce. What makes this platform on our list is its employee self-service capabilities, as they significantly reduce the administrative burden on HR departments. Users can easily access pay slips and tax documents, request time off, and update personal information in the employee self-service portal.  

Gusto is known for its simple yet intuitive interface, which makes it a popular choice for organizations. It shines bright because of its automation features, which include direct deposit, automatic tax filing, and a suite for managing health benefits and workers’ compensation. The list doesn’t end here, as Gusto offers compliance support full-service payroll with unparalleled user adoption. 

To help you navigate the choice between this cloud payroll software, here is a head-to-head comparison:  

Workforce, Paycor, Gusto Head-to-head Payroll Capabilities Comparison

Feature/Integration Aspect Workforce Paycor Gusto
Ease of Integration
Data Sync (Real-Time)
Financial Data Integration
Seamless with some manual steps
Employee Data Integration
Good, but slightly less extensive
Compliance Feature Support
Extensive, with expert support
Good, with alerts and notifications
Basic, automated for most processes
User Interface and Experience
Complex, feature-rich
Intuitive, user-friendly
Very intuitive and easy to navigate
Customization and Flexibility
Excellent, suited for growth
Good, adaptable to business changes
Best for small to medium businesses
Customer Support and Service
24/7 support, dedicated account rep
Good, online resources
Excellent, with accessible support
Cost Efficiency for BC Users
Higher, but offers extensive features
Moderate, good value for features
Competitive, great for small teams

Which Cloud Payroll Solution Ticks for Your Business?

On exploration of leading cloud payroll solutions like ADP Workforce Now, Paycor, and Gusto, it’s clear that each brings its own set of strengths to the table, from comprehensive compliance support to user-friendly interfaces and scalable solutions. Integrating such solutions with Dynamics 365 Business Central involves considering your business’s unique needs, scale, and the specific challenges you face in payroll management. To ensure you make the right choice, consider the following framework for evaluation:

  • Assess your company’s size and growth trajectory.
  • Consider your industry and its unique needs.
  • Identify specific payroll and HR requirements:
    • Compliance and Security
    • Integration Capabilities
    • User Experience
    • Support and Resources
  • Set a budget but be flexible.
  • Evaluate customer support and service options.
  • Request demos and free trials

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cloud payroll integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central represents a strategic investment for your organization’s future. It’s about ensuring that when you scale up, your base ERP, in this case Business Central, keeps up and drives efficiency, compliance, and employee satisfaction. With the right solutions and support partners in place, your business is poised to counter the complexities of payroll management confidently. This approach frees you to focus on what you do best: achieving unparalleled success. Let AlphaBOLD be your guide on this journey, helping you amplify your business efficiency and confidently embrace the future. Request a demo today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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