10 Important SharePoint Add-ins to Build up their SharePoint Intranet


Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint has become more than just a document management and storage system. Its versatility and adaptability have made it a vital tool for organizations worldwide, catering to diverse needs. In this article, we will explore ten necessary SharePoint add-ins that can significantly enhance the capabilities of their SharePoint intranet. These add-ins offer unique functionalities and features that can help streamline processes, improve collaboration, and drive better business outcomes. 

Importance & Significance:

  1. Nintex Workflow: Users can use this add-in’s drag-and-drop interface to automate their business procedures. Users can improve productivity and streamline processes with its assistance.
  2. Sharegate: Sharegate is a tool where users may quickly migrate content from one SharePoint site to another. It can also assist users in maintaining compliance and managing their SharePoint system.
  3. Collabion Charts for SharePoint: This add-in allows users to create visually appealing charts and graphs that can help users analyze data and communicate insights.
  4. Knowledge Lake Connect: Knowledge Lake Connect is a document management program that interfaces with SharePoint. It lets users capture, process, and manage documents more effectively.
  5. Bamboo Solutions: Project management to HR management are just a few things users may handle with the help of Bamboo Solutions’ extensive selection of SharePoint add-ins.
  6. HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint: This add-in provides thorough analytics and usage reports for their SharePoint site. Users may use it to learn how people use their website and find areas for improvement.
  7. harmon.ie: A collaboration platform called harmon.ie works with Microsoft’s SharePoint and other programs. Users may view their SharePoint material and work with their team without leaving their mailbox.
  8. DocAve SharePoint Migrator: With the help of this add-in, users may move SharePoint content between environments or versions. Additionally, it offers backup and recovery options.
  9. Birthday Reminder: It is yet another alluring add-on with every right to take up space on their business intranet. The add-on retrieves the employees’ birth dates from the Office 365/SharePoint database and presents them in a lovely template with their profile photos on their special day.
  10. Events Timeline: When users have a project with specific deadlines, the Planner or Event calendar add-in on any SharePoint Intranet page can significantly help. Employees can designate their availability on the Events Timeline, which provides complete transparency among the teams. Zooming out to the option of years and choosing between the timeline view and calendar view, both of which have a default view of two weeks. 

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An effective SharePoint intranet in the business world revolves around the platform itself and the utilization of appropriate add-ins to meet specific organizational needs. To unlock the full potential of a SharePoint intranet, it is important to evaluate the requirements of the business and explore these add-ins. All 10 crucial SharePoint add-ins can assist businesses in streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and gaining insightful knowledge from their business data. Embracing the capabilities of SharePoint add-ins can elevate productivity and collaboration within an organization, leading to new heights of success. 

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