Solve Global Distribution Challenges with NetSuite – Customer Story

Two years ago, JMM was facing supply challenges with its “limited batch” production model. The company was not effectively managing its logistics in QuickBooks accounting software. In search of an enterprise software solution that would alleviate their business challenges, JMM turned to AlphaBOLD for help. AlphaBOLD helped JMM transition from QuickBooks system to NetSuite, and now they enjoy improved operations and growth opportunities! 


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JMM faced the following limitations due to its limited and outdated legacy system: 

  • Unreliable inventory management process. 
  • Inability to use data to gauge product performance. 
  • Lack of visibility 
  • Poor financial reporting 
  • Convoluted order classification process 
Webinar recording


If watching videos is not your thing, just keep reading to learn what this insightful webinar unpacks for NetSuite and ERP users. 

Our NetSuite expert, Ilija Budimir, gave a detailed presentation on how the rapid changes in global trade are compelling manufacturers worldwide to adopt new technologies that allow them to maximize their resources while reducing costs and improving overall visibility. He then moved on to discuss the success story of JMM, a luxury eyewear manufacturer that selected AlphaBOLD as their NetSuite solution provider to overcome its many challenges by implementing NetSuite ERP.  

AlphaBOLD as your NetSuite solution provider – What did we cover? 

Our webinar aimed to help our attendees understand how manufacturers across the globe can overcome their challenges with NetSuite ERP alongside AlphaBOLD. To do so, we covered the following points alongside our customer success story to showcase AlphaBOLD’s expertise: 

  • Utilizing NetSuite to improve inventory management. 
  • Providing visibility through streamlined reporting. 
  • Automating order to cash process to boost order fulfillment rates. 
  • Customizing NetSuite’s native/out-of-the-box capabilities. 
  • Accessing relevant data to measure product success and employee productivity. 

What did our attendees learn about NetSuite in this webinar? 

Our webinar looked into how our NetSuite experts helped JMM overcome its challenges and optimize its business growth. For example, our webinar showcased how AlphaBOLD combined NetSuite’s native/out-of-the-box capabilities with customizations to develop an allocation and picking system that exactly met JMMs manufacturing needs. Additionally, the webinar demonstrated how AlphaBOLD, and NetSuite helped JMM achieve the following:  

  • A global order allocation and reservation solution. 
  • Improved Proforma process. 
  • Streamlined reporting and enhance visibility. 
  • Fast and efficient shipping process. 

Ilija then discussed how AlphaBOLD could utilize NetSuite to do the same for manufacturers across the globe, followed by a question-answer session! 


Our webinar helped our attendees understand how AlphaBOLD can help them abandon systems and processes that slow them down and embrace scalable and innovative solutions such as NetSuite. It also elaborated on why AlphaBOLD should be their partner of choice by showcasing the customer success story of JMM. The JMM customer story proves that AlphaBOLD’s approach to client management and business process improvements works! We are the right technology partner for you! Contact us to find out more!