How Azure Synapse and Power BI Can Help Manufacturers & Distributors Overcome Supply Chain Risks with Real-Time Insights Webinar Blog

We are back with another one of our exciting and informative webinar blogs! Our recent blog titled “How Azure Synapse and Power BI Can Help Manufacturers & Distributors Overcome Supply Chain Risks with Real-Time Insights?” was such a hit, we decided to pen it down for those who could not be there to attend it.  This webinar investigated the many ways in which Azure Synapse and Power BI can help manufacturers and distributors overcome their supply chain risks with real-time insights! The idea was to help manufacturers and distributors across the globe overcome the primary challenges they face in their daily processes. These challenges include: 

  • Lack of real-time analytics.    
  • The cost of running analytics on business-critical transactional data. 
  • Inability to make timely decisions to fill the void between demand and supply. 
  • Inadequate monitoring performance of different manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution units. 
  • Failure to anticipate stock shortages and inventory overruns before they occur. 
  • No pre-emptive measures in place to avoid pitfalls in the supply chain. 
  • Inefficient monitoring processes such as item replenishment, transportation strategies, delivery times, short orders, and employee productivity. 

For this webinar, AlphaBOLD’s Sales Manager, Nick Craig, was joined by our Business Intelligence Practice Manager, Awais Aslam, who has over 11 years of experience in consulting​, advanced analytics, ​and data engineering. 

What did we discuss? 

We began our webinar with some tangible statistics to give our audience an idea of the importance of Azure Synapse and Power BI in the global supply chain economy. We then dove into an introduction of supply chain and analytics, moving onto our use case.  

In our use case, we discussed the manufacturing process, B2B (manufacturing to delivery), and B2C (warehouse and outbound processes) implications, and how and why real-time analytics is an important tool for manufacturers and distributors. We also discussed the challenges associated with real-time analytics, and then we covered in detail the Lambda architecture on Open-Source Stack and on Azure Cloud

Lambda architecture

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So, what did our attendees learn about Azure Synapse and Power BI? 

Our webinar covered many insightful takeaways for manufacturers and distributors, including a technology overview on Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse, and Microsoft Power BI. In addition to this, they also got a live demo and case study. They saw firsthand how these technologies could help them diminish the need for guesswork or third-party solutions to answer fundamental business questions. The key questions that are webinar answers for our beloved attendees and customers are the following: 

  • How to access executive-level insights across streaming data, warehousing, and analytics? 
  • How to leverage real-time manufacturers’ data for retailers’ warehousing operations? 
  • How to monitor the performance of manufactures spread across the globe?  
  • How to get notified about broken links in the supply chain?    
  • How does Azure Synapse help to get real-time as well as historical data insights in the unified interface?   
  • How to gauge the impact of supply on the perfect order ratio?   
  • How to find the root cause behind short orders? 

 Webinar Polls 

Our webinar proved to our viewers the potential of Azure Synapse and Power BI. With Azure Synapse and Power BI, businesses can prepare for market changes, recognize trends, and operate in a more risk-free and calculated supply chain atmosphere. 

We asked a few questions from our audience during the webinar to determine the need for real-time insights into the supply chain. Here is what our attendees had to say:  

 Webinar Polls  warehouse management


In a multi-tiered global supply chain, gaining end-to-end visibility to achieve the desired results often becomes challenging for manufacturers and distributors. Factors such as health crises that disrupt deliveries, changing consumer preferences, and purchasing trends reinforce the need to have real-time data for gaining visibility across the supply chain. Without analytics and actionable insights, companies increase their exposure to supply chain risks and become less resilient.   

Our webinar allowed our attendees to learn how Azure Synapse and Power BI can help manufacturers and distributors avoid pitfalls in their supply chain with real-time data. We can help you get a 360-degree view of your supply chain with better data engineering and visualization. Contact us today to find out more!