Tailored Search for Field Service Schedule Board!


This is the Dynamics 365 field Service Schedule Board, which provides the scheduler or the user with an overview of the unscheduled bookings that need attention, the schedule bookings status, the resource availability, & their location.

When you are using a schedule board to manage multiple work orders bookings daily, having more filtering and search options comes in very handy. 

This blog discusses how we can add an extra search box to the scheduling board filter area.


By choosing the work order number from the search box dropdown, this search box will help find all the resources assigned to the selected work order (or all resources that worked on that work order) and display them on the schedule board. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Open your “schedule board.” 
  2. Click the “Tab settings “gear on the top right. 



     3. The tab settings will pop up. 

     4. Scroll down to “other settings.”  

     5. Click on the gear icon next to “retrieve Resources Query.” 


    6. A configuration tab will open, displaying the current filter query code. 

    7. Edit the code by adding your filter query as shown in the screenshot (you must alter the entity names to match your organization tables) 


   8. Press “save as” and give it a new name so that you do not override the default filter query code. I named it “WO Filter Query.”  


  9. Next, go back to your “Tab settings” and click the gear next to “Filter layout. 


  10. Edit the code by adding your control highlighted in the screenshot (you must alter the entity names to match your organization tables) 


 11. Press “save as” &and give it a new name, to make sure that you do not override the default code. 


 12. After changing &and saving your changes, click “Apply” on the tab settings and you are all set! 


13. This is how your filter view in the schedule board will look like, you can select the work order number from the dropdown or start typing and the system will filter the results, then click “Search. 


Dynamics 365 CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) will automatically fetch the resources assigned or related to the work order entered and display them on the schedule board.  


These steps can be used to search for any data found in your workorder, bookings & resources. All you need to do is change the entity names in the queries to fit your needs & you will be all set!

I hope that this blog post was helpful.  

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